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Blue Moon of Ake | Paranormal Romance

A Dark Fairy Tale
A Twisted Love Story
A Her-Story of Love & War

Blue Moon of AkeBook 1
Blue Moon of Ake, is a tale about an immortal goddess with a cynical nature, and an evil disposition who is set on becoming the most feared worshipped Queen in all of Ake. In the process of her creating and defeating wars, she finds herself entangled in a deadly irreversible love trap.

Will she conquer the one thing she cannot control, or will she suffer in the name of so-called love?

Enjoy a chilling love story of a twisted past that has a connected future.
Enjoy the taste of an old-school fairy tale vibe with a touch of new school flavor.
Enjoy this short novel for FREE for a limited time or if your feeling generous pay whatever you'd like, anything will be greatly appreciated and help towards me contributing more entertaining material.

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Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Erotica About 37-39 Pages of Entertainment No…

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